Give your startup a jump start!

All businesses may be created equally, but not all businesses are treated equally. Many businesses never have a chance because of the barriers to entry they face are insurmountable. Enter Crebul. Crebul was created with the sole purpose of assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools and resources they need for their business.


Business Incubator

Business Credit Builder

Venture Capital



The first phase to be launched October 2020 consists of our business incubator, Crenqubator. Crenqubator serves as an online community where members can get the necessary support to help their businesses succeed.

Crenqubator members will be eligible for the Crebul Business Grant Program. They will also have the opportunity to support each other through our Business Gifting & Bartering Network.

Business Grant Porgram

All Crebul members who maintain their membership for at least 60 days will become eligible to receive from our Business Grants Program. There are no other requirements other than that. Every month Crebul will pick at least 2 businesses who will be gifted a minimum of $100 towards their business.

How are we able to do this? Through membership. One dollar out of all paid memberships goes to our Business Grants Program. So the more members, the more grant recipients with higher grant payouts.

Business Gifting & Bartering Network

What do you need to help build or grow your business? Post it within the Network and it may be gifted to you. Or, another business may be willing to barter their product or service with you.

The Network was built with the sole purpose of helping business owners network with other business owners. A place for everyone to be able to help each other while gaining tips, tricks, and best practices to assist with their business.


SMARTER Business Credit
Builder Program

Phase two, to be released January 2021, is the Crebul SMARTER Business Credit Builder Program. What's the problem with 90% of the Business Credit Builder Programs available today?

They all are built as a one size fits all option. Their programs are set up in a way where as long as you "follow these simple steps" you can be approved for business credit. They do not take into account those who have fair, or worse, personal credit. They definitely do not take into account those who are denied based simply on race, gender, orientation, beliefs, and so on.

Crebul understands and is building a business credit program that can benefit all businesses no matter their personal credit, race, or anything else. A credit builder that can be beneficial for all and not just those who fall within acceptable guidelines.


VC Funding

The last phase scheduled to launch January 2022 is Crebul Venture Capital Funding. Have big business ideas that require big money? Crebul may be able to help. Members of the SMARTER Business Credit Builder Program will get higher consideration for funding. More details coming soon.