Give your startup a jump start!

All businesses may be created equally, but not all businesses are treated equally. Many businesses never have a chance because of the barriers to entry they face are insurmountable. Enter Crebul. Crebul was created with the sole purpose of assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools and resources they need for their business.


Business Credit Builder

Venture Capital


SMARTER Business Credit
Builder Program

The Crebul SMARTER Business Credit Builder Program (SBCB). What's the problem with 90% of the Business Credit Builder Programs available today?

The majority are built as a one size fits all option. Their programs are set up in a way where as long as you "follow these simple steps" you can be approved for business credit. They do not take into account those who have fair, or worse, personal credit. They definitely do not take into account those who are denied based simply on race, gender, orientation, beliefs, and so on.

Other programs are only available to those startups that are already well funded or the program itself requires a large monthly payment to participate. This alone excludes the vast majority of small businesses.

Crebul understands and has built its business credit builder program to be able to benefit all businesses no matter their personal credit, race, or anything else.


Signup for the SBCB Program and pay your account setup admin fee. A Crebul SMARTER Business Credit Builder account is opened for you and the total amount of your plan is deposited into your account and placed on hold for 12 months.

Each month you will receive an invoice and your on-time payment is reported to the three major business reporting bureaus: Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, and Equifax Small Business.

Upon completion, your funds (minus any fees) are deposited onto a new Crebul card for you and your card is sent to you. Your new Crebul card can be used to purchase business products and services. Continued on-time payments to your Crebul card will be reported to the business credit bureaus.


VC Funding

The second phase, scheduled to launch January 2023, is Crebul's Venture Capital Funding. Have big business ideas that require big money? Crebul may be able to help. Members of the SMARTER Business Credit Builder Program will get higher consideration for funding. More details coming soon.