Get assistance with frequently asked questions and some not so frequently asked questions.

Account Questions

I Forgot My Password!

To reset your password visit the Password Reset page

I Want To Change My SBCB Plan

You can change your SBCB plan at any time. In order to change your plan, please submit a SBCB Plan Change Form.

I need help with my account!

If you’re a SBCB Program member and need help you can log into your account and open a support ticket here.

I Do Not See My Recent Payment On My Business Credit Report

Due to how Crebul reports credit, please allow a minimum of 60 days from signup for your first payment to show up on your credit report. After your first monthly payment, it can take up to 30 days for payment information to be reported. Also, please keep in mind certain reports, like from DnB, show payments in bulk. It does not show the individual companies who report the payments. If you are a Crebul customer and have any further questions, please feel free to log into your Dashboard and submit a support ticket.

How Can I Cancel My Account?

We don’t want to see you go. If there is anything we can do to help please open a support ticket here or give us a call at (404) 948-6200 option 1. If you’re sure you want to cancel you can do so here.

General Questions

How Do I Build Business Credit?

You can have a business credit profile and initial score setup within 6 months. Follow the steps below to get started.

Set Your Business Up to Win

  1. Come up with a professional business name
  2. Set up a business address
  3. Set up your business phone number
  4. Get your EIN
  5. Get a business bank account
  6. Request your DUNs number
  7. Set up your business website and email address
  8. Set up your business social media pages
  9. Set up at least 3 accounts that report to business credit bureaus

For more detailed information, check out our blog Building Blocks to Business Credit

Where Can I Find More Information On The SBCB Program?

You can find more information on Crebul and Crebul’s SBCB program here.

Will This Impact My Personal Credit?

A Crebul SBCB account will not impact your personal credit at all. There are no personal credit checks nor any reporting to personal credit bureaus.

Why Do I Still Need To Enter My SSN?

Due to the nature of our business we do still need to verify your identity. Your personal information will not be used for anything outside of that.

Can I Really Start To Establish Business Credit With Just My EIN?

With Crebul, YES you can start to establish business credit with just your EIN. We understand how hard it can be to establish business credit. So we are making it easy for small business owners to establish positive payment history.

Sign-Up Questions

Where Can I Find More Information On The SBCB Program?

You can find more information on Crebul’s SBCB program here.

I Don’t Have A DUNs Number?

You can register for your free DUNs number on the Dun & Bradstreet website here:

I Want To Gift This Program To Someone Else

If you want to gift this program to a family or friend who owns a business you can do so, but their personal information will need to be entered first. You would only enter your information in the payment sections.

I Have Questions Before Signing Up

Please reach out to us via our contact form here and we will get your questions answered.

I Don’t Have An EIN

To get your free EIN, visit Do not used a paid site to get an EIN. If it is not the official IRS site, leave immediately.